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When you choose your major you might do so because it is your top subject and you love it, hoping it will lead to a successful career in the future. You might otherwise, choose your major specifically with your future career in mind so having some knowledge of the future job market makes sense. The job market tends to wax and wane based on what industries are thriving and which ones are holding steady or becoming obsolete. There are some majors that are a great choice when you decide to pursue your degree. Each of them has a high rate of finding a well-paying job upon graduation. Here are your top choices.

  • Accounting – this field is growing faster than average and involves organizing and keeping track of the finances of a company. The annual pay starts at over $60,000. There is a big calling for accountants, both in the government and the private sector, which ensures plenty of available jobs.
  • Computer Science – Like the accounting field, this industry is growing much faster than most and offers an average yearly pay of about $80,000. It involves managing and creating software unique to the needs of the company.
  • Finance – there’s always a call for finance experts whose main role is guide institutions in the realm of profit and loss.This is another industry that continues to grow each year. The annual salary is close to $90,000.
  • Business Administration/Management – Because virtually all companies rely on this industry, finding a job after graduation is fairly easy. Yearly pay is around $80,000. The main role is to provide support to a company’s organization.

While you’re in college, you’ll have to produce a certain number of papers. Some topics are more difficult than others and are ones that students hate writing about or have a hard time understanding enough to do a good job. This is when essay services come in handy. Based on our research data, these are subjects that most students don’t like.

  • Engineering – because this degree requires a lot of science and math, many students find it hard to write papers on the topic.
  • Business management – there is a lot to consider when you write on topics that have to do with business, including finance, human resources and finance, which are all subjects that students have a hard time producing material on.
  • Life sciences – many students studying some kind of life science are working on sensitive topics, such as new cures for diseases and treatments for illnesses, which can be overwhelming and hard to do a good job on, especially when time is tight.
  • Physical sciences – this topic is one that leaves no room for personal opinion and there is often only one right answer, which makes it a subject that is very hard for many students to master.

There are a huge number of essay services out there, but they aren’t all good choices. Before you employ an essay writing service, it makes sense to research your options before making a purchase. Here are your top three choices.

  • Best Essays – This company gets a rank of 8/10 and is able to write essays, research papers and dissertations on a wide range of topics. They have 19 year’s experience and offer competitive rates.
  • Rush My Essay – Here’s one of the essay writing services that gets top marks with a rank of 10/10. You can order papers that cover a huge array of topics and get outstanding privacy protection and affordable rates.
  • Essay on Time – this essay writing service offers custom writing for research papers, essays and dissertations on a large number of subjects at affordable rates. The company gets an 8/10 and offers many free features.

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