creative writing

The Guide to Creative Writing Success

Unlike academic or journalistic style, the essence of creative writing goes beyond the simple act of conveying information. Many people think that just because they have a great idea and … Continue Reading →

scholarship essay tips

Scholarship essay: tips and tricks

Colleges are really expensive and very few high school graduates can afford to pay all the taxes. The rest of them depend on financial help from the behalf of the … Continue Reading →

admission essay tips

How to write admission essay: tips and tricks

The future of high school graduates depends on a paper called college admission essay. What should it contain, how should it be written and what do commissions expect from such … Continue Reading →

How to find reliable writing service

Ways to avoid being deceived by online writing services

How to avoid being cheated by online writing services? You cannot know for sure if a writing service is reliable or not unless you try it. Fortunately, students don’t have … Continue Reading →

Essay format styles

Short guidelines for the most used formatting styles

APA formatting style This style is generally used for scientific papers. First of all, the text has to be double spaced, written with Times New Roman, 12 pt., and with … Continue Reading →

Letter of recommendation

Basic indications for a better letter of recommendation.

Do you know what is even difficult to write than a college essay? That’s right, a recommendation letter! This is something that you definitely cannot do by yourself. This is … Continue Reading →

Buying essay online

The benefits and the downsides of buying an essay.

If you haven’t used writing services before, then there are some things that you should know. Below, you will find several pro and con’s about essay services. Pro – You … Continue Reading →

Best essay writing

Complete a paper like a pro – tips for writing the best essay

Essay writing is not that difficult… at first. At a high school level, essays are quite easy to complete. Students have a simple structure (always the same) that they have … Continue Reading →

Scholarship essay writing

Guidelines to creating the ideal scholarship application paper

Essay writing is not your greatest passion? Would you like not to have to complete another written assignment in your life? Well, you are totally right – essays are not … Continue Reading →

Learn how to read

The ability of reading is vital

Because I am a secondary English teacher, I have been looking for jobs all over the country. In this way, I have found opportunities for teaching reading to students in … Continue Reading →