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As soon as we opened this website, we established two things. Firstly, the impeccable online reputation confirms that is not a scam. Secondly, we confirmed that the special offers are actually a reality with this company, unlike what you can say about some other services. At this moment when we are writing this review, newcomers can enjoy a special limited-time discount offer of 15% on their first order!
To learn more about this company, read our detailed reviews online.
Surely not the biggest, but one of the reasons why we gave this service such high rating is the list of services they provide. This list is enormous, and it is clearly a benefit. You can order your papers from any good company, but if they don’t have all the assignments you will need at any point, you’d have to go through the entire choosing process all over again.

This company allows students to pick a service out of their various services categories, such as assignments, academic writing, admission services, editing services, dissertations and thesis services. In these groups of services, you won’t only find papers like essays and theses, but also other assignments like Programming, statistics projects and reaction papers.

Basically, it is a company for everyone, and we don’t only say this because they provide papers for all academic levels.

Pricing System

Despite the fact that the original pricing may appear steep to the eye of the visitor, the many discounts and unique special offers make this impression leave right away.

For example, if you think that $25.52 for a page within 5 days and with the second quality option, Premium is expensive, you would be wrong. This rate does not only fit the quality this company is popular for, but also comes with an extra discount of 75% on proofreading from an editor. Some other offers of this kind are ‘VIP support with 50% off’, and ‘Top 10 writers with 70% off’.
And finally, the rates become ACTUALLY lower when you add the discount. This is not the special offer we found at the moment, but actual discounts that are valid at all times.

Discounts and Special Offers

Simply, the company made sure to reduce the prices for everyone. The number of discounts is big and would make every customer happy. discount

There is always a special offer for the new customer, so make sure to seek the promo code on the website. From what we learned by reading testimonials from this company’s customers, the coupon codes are never lower than 10%, and can reach up to 30%. At this time, our discount was 15%.

When you order once, you become the company’s regular customer. Based on the number of pages you have ordered since this very moment, you can get 5%, 10% or 15% on all future orders. This is the loyalty program that makes the prices very competitive.

The free features here are common with almost every company out there, and they also include free unlimited revisions. But, don’t forget about those features you get with the specific order choices.
The additional benefits depend on your order choice. In addition to those special offers like ‘75% off proofreading’, students get more additional benefits when they choose a higher quality option. For example, all quality options come with a plagiarism check, but those of Premium and Platinum quality also have high priority and a more advanced plagiarism check.

Customer Support

We did have some questions before we made a purchase, so we decided that this is a great opportunity to check the customer support. has the UK and US phone numbers, while students from other countries may prefer the live chat option.

When we reached the agent on the live chat, he offered to call us for free and guide us through the ordering form and process. We accepted, and got a phone call within minutes. The support here is one of the best we have seen so far.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

Well, this is the part all readers focus on. Paper quality is undoubtedly the most important part of every review, so we made sure to prioritize this step for the benefit of our College-paper review.

The experience we had with the writers here was the perfect fit with what we expected. We read so many comments from satisfied customers, that we did not at all doubt the writers’ expertise. Regardless, we decided to make our purchase and bought what turned out to be a cheap, original and brilliant essay from College-paper.

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  1. My final paper had to be made in just over two weeks. Even though they had a short deadline, the guys from College Paper managed to do a great job. I’ve got an A for the paper and now I’m looking for a masters program to enroll.

  2. Elbert Cleveland

    I liked this service, everything was made on time and with a pretty good quality. There was some kind of problem with getting my new customer discount, but it turned out to be site bug that was fixed afterwards.

  3. I could easily say I owe my current grade to With services like these, we can easily afford to be lazy with our assignments.

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