On this review, we are gonna dissect every single detail of the essay writing service. So, let’s jump on.

Quality of Writing

First things first, we all expect quality from an essay writing service, more than anything. Well, has kind of disappointed us. They promised us papers written by the skilled and professional writer. But the writing lacked the tone of formality. As if it was written for an online blog.

The essay was delayed too. The citations and formatting were kind of haphazard. Although the contents they provided lacked proper formatting, the materials and the presentation was good. But the editing needs more improvisation or otherwise, the students will reject them soon enough. Overall we cannot give it more than 3 out 5 if we are talking about the quality of the paper.


We cannot but deny the impact of great customer support for services, especially writing services. You can find 2 hotline numbers on the top of the website. Surprisingly, they picked up the phone and helped us getting proper information. The service representative was free, frank and helpful.

But live chat box is not a live one, you see. It’s more like you message them and it gets to the queue and a service provider answers them afterward. So, you should probably call them straight away if you have any question for them. boasts of their money back guarantee and their 100% money back service. But the students find it very hard to get their money back as it is a lengthy and complex process.


If you get your essay late. There is no meaning of spending your hard-earned money. As your professors will never accept you submitting a paper after the deadline. In most of the reviews, you will see this common complaint from the users. They always get their essay after their deadline.

They take a very long time crafting up the simplest essays. In some cases, they miss the deadlines completely. There are some cases where the writer doesn’t follow the instructions properly and the resubmissions take long time.


Okay, let’s talk about pricing policy. If you are in high school, you need to pay just $10 per page. They count 550 words as a unit of page. But if you need college or university papers you need to spend $13 or $14 per page. The price goes as high as $25 if you are looking for a Ph.D. level writing.

The pricing also depends on how quick you want it. The quicker, the pricier. The total cost, however, gets higher depending on how long your paper will be.

You will get a 5% lifetime discount if you spend more than $500 and get a solid 15% lifetime discount you spend more than $2K. Unfortunately, they don’t give you any discount on your first paper.


EssayHave will not give you the best paper that you can ever imagine, but they certainly are not the frauds who are just looking to snatch your money. They will give you a mediocre level paper at least. But sometimes you get the disaster pieces, the trashes.

4 thoughts on “”

  1. It’s not the worst company, but having tried a couple of them, I’d say it is far from the best. I find the content quality at average, which is very unfitting to the prices they charge.

  2. Essayhave is not the greatest, but it is not the worst either. If you have the luxury to pay for papers here, you can do it. But, make sure to order ahead.

  3. I don’t like this service. They have good discounts so I didn’t lose a lot, but the papers aren’t half as good as I thought.

  4. I want to share my bad experience with this service. I ordered a term paper in advance but I didn’t get it on time and had really big problems at college. Moreover, I had to send my paper for edit a few times. I don’t recommend it.

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