Writing an essay is quite the hassle. You could spend 10-15 days and night writing the perfect essay for yourself considering the fact that you CAN write. Or you could hire professional writers. Today we will talk about EssaysChief a professional essay writing service. But are they good enough? We have tested that for you.

So, the analysis begin!


Nothing matter more than quality if we are talking about a writing service. You PAY for that quality mostly. So, get a better idea of the service we decided to place an order ourselves.

Sadly, the quality we received from EssaysChief.comwas complete trash! There were lots of common spelling mistakes, the writer didn’t have any idea on the topic so he/she just blabbered around the topic. Most of the contents were copied from other sources as we received the content having only 37% uniqueness.

It was a total waste of time and money. The writer didn’t have any idea of citations also. You will hardly find a good review of Essays Chief online. Like us, most of the other buyers found the paper to be a complete rubbish. Some of them even complained the writers to have poor English. Needless to say, they were not native speakers.


After we received the badly written paper, we decided to complain about the writer and contact the customer service for a refund. We received zero help from the support team.

Essays Chief has two modes of customer support – you could try the live chat and the e-mails. Although they said to have a live chat, it was more like sending e-mails. Obviously, the service wasn’t a 24 hours service.

There is also an online contact form but it almost the same as the live chat. Even the responses from the customer support weren’t friendly enough. It took more than 30 minutes to get two simple answers from them.

Surprising they don’t even have a phone number. Most of the good service providers have at least a hot-line number to call.

Delivery took way more time than they asked for. We ordered the paper to be written within 10 days but we got it after 14 days. They boast of their “on-time” delivery but in reality, they have failed to do so.

When we contacted the customer service regarding the matter, they told us to wait patiently. That’s it! It would be really risky if you don’t get the paper on time. The experience was horrific.

Site Usage

The only that impressed us was the website. has a really beautiful and great website. You can find all the information there on the website. The website even looks great – clean and simple. They have different navigation menus for services, prices, price calculator and more. You can take a better look by visiting


It’s okay if a mediocre product is priced less. But if someone sells bad products at a premium price, it raises our eyebrows. We witnessed the same thing while we got the paper from EssaysChief. As we have said we got a lousy paper. But they had charged us $39.9 for a page! You can the detailed price on the price calculator section on their website.

The price is unimaginably high! A 20-page undergraduate level paper cost us $798! You can find premium quality papers from other sources within $500 benchmark. The insane pricing made our jaws drop. Who would spend $800 for a lousy plagiarized content?

EssaysChief offer 5% discount to the new customers. You get 5% more if your paper exceeds 15 pages, 8% for crossing 50 pages and 10% for 100+ pages. But you will not get any discount you return to them. Well, if you return!


The paper writing service has miles to go in terms of quality and customer support. We were shocked thinking how an $800 research paper can be this much worse. We liked the way they impressed us with their stunning website interface but the real product needs more improvisations.

They should hire their writers more carefully as they don’t have the capability writing well-researched papers. So, overall, considering all the facts, we cannot give them more than 2.3 out of 5 in our EssaysChief review.

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