How to Memorize a Speech in 6 Steps

How to memorize a speech by topreviewstars comStudying in college is not an easy task. Teachers always give a lot of homework such as, for example, writing exercises, reading of many pages of various books and textbooks with valuable information and, of course, various speeches, which you have to learn by heart. Preparing speeches in an extremely short time is probably one of the hardest tasks for most students. Nevertheless, do not despair. There are many websites, which propose advices and which will help you in this situation. In addition, probably at least some people in your class have already tried to search something like “how to quickly memorize a speech word for word”. That is why we prepared some tips, which will help you to memorize a speech as quickly as possible. Do you want to get an excellent mark for your presentation? Find out how to do it in our article!

1. Prepare your workplace
Therefore, first of all, to memorize a speech for college without any problems, you have to ensure total privacy, silence and try to avoid any distractions. In most cases, people just cannot work in a noisy environment.

2. Learn texts by heart in the supine position
Although doctors do not recommend reading in this position, texts are memorized very well in this position. Legs should be raised to a level higher than your head, it will provide an additional blood flow to the brain. It will be helpful for your brain in the process of intensive work.

3. Read the entire text
Before you start learning the text, it is necessary to read it all really slowly and carefully. It will give you an opportunity to assess the scope and feel the rhythm of the text.

After that, you should divide the text into logical fragments, some unique sentences, which play a significant role in your speech. These single parts of the text can even contain multiple paragraphs. When you have mentally divided the text, you can directly start the process of learning.

4. Write down what you want to learn on a separate sheet of paper.
Scientists have proved that people subconsciously remember 20% of what they wrote. Therefore, this method will really help you to remember the text quickly. Rewrite the entire text. Then try to focus on some words that will help you to understand and remember the entire speech. Get a grasp of the whole text. This can be done aloud. Note the key words, which will be your guide. After that, you can start learning.

5. Frequently repeat each sentence
To memorize a speech quickly and easily, read the first sentence, repeat it, check all mistakes. If you repeated first sentence 2 – 4 times without mistakes, you can learn the second one similarly. Then you should proceed to iterate the first and the second sentence together until you will get a faultless result.

If you learn this part of the text well, then you can start to memorize the third sentence in a similar way, combined with the previous sentences. Continue memorizing in a similar way until the end of the paragraph. When you repeat big parts of the text, if you understand that forgot some words, you can peek at the source. Nevertheless, do not abuse of this opportunity.

6. Repeat your speech in the morning
Another valuable advice: you should learn all texts in the evening. In the morning, you should only repeat it. It does not take much time and it will be useful. In addition, do not forget to repeat the text again before the presentation and your mark will be excellent.

If you want to simplify your life even more, you can turn on the recorder and read the speech aloud. The bottom line here is that you have to imagine that you are in the front of the audience and only after that start reading. Pay attention! Your speech should be emotional! This will help to remember all the information easily, believe me.
By the way, you should split your speech into several separate parts and then record each of them. In this case, it will be easier to navigate in speech.

Those with an extraordinary memory have always a fascination for others. Indeed, during the Victorian era, “Memory Men” were popular musical hall acts. People who can recall everything and anything and never seem to forget also appear in modern fiction and film – most commonly portrayed as people with an eidetic (aka photographic) memory (such as Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds and Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor). But there are also real-life people who claimed a photographic memory, the likes of Nikola Tesla, Teddy Roosevelt and Kim Peek (the movie Rain Man was based on his story) and more recently, the film director, Guillermo del Toro.

Listen to the speech in any places, for example, at home while cleaning or while walking or jogging. In addition, you can learn your speech during sleeping. Just turn on the player, wear headphones and let your subconscious do everything for you. However, pay attention! It is only supplementary means, which cannot replace “traditional” memorizing. Therefore, do not abuse of this! Use our tips to memorize speeches by heart as quickly as possible and your student life will be significantly simplified.


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