How to Write Community Service Essay


Community service is an extremely important part of a college student’s social life. Performing community service equals volunteering and this fact is always looked upon with very good eyes by your teachers, acquaintances and later on even by your employer. Therefore, writing a community service essay is the best you can do when you are allowed to choose freely the topic. Check out below a few important things to focus on when writing such an essay.

Answer the following questions first

Writing community service essays requires that you answer yourself a few important questions before getting down to writing. These questions include: Which of the community services you performed meant a truly important thing in your life?

In what way was community service a positive experience for you? Did it help you become a better person? In what way? Make sure to answer to yourself these questions, and the answers will help you get an instant outline for your essay.

Build the focus of the essay

The focus in an essay on community service is basically the point when you will explain shortly how the community service experience has helped you as a person. Also, write a few sentences about how you felt helping other people or helping build something good for the community.

Good deeds are also easy to write about, so make sure your focus point is clear and concise and later on in the essay you will dwell more upon the topic. The focus point is an extremely catchy part, which makes people interested to keep on reading.

Very strong ending

The end of your community service letter should leave the reader with a good impression. Moreover, it should leave the reader with a few interesting thoughts/ideas to dwell upon. Whether you were helping the homeless, or teaching 3rd graders to read and write, writing an essay on community service is always a good idea.

Just make sure to keep in mind that the ending needs to impress the reader and make him think about how he/she can ultimately become a better person, or accept the importance of community service not only for college students, but also for adults.

Let it rest for 24 hours

This is a golden rule for all types of essays, not just community service essays. After you have written your paper, just put it aside for one day. Then, the next day, you need to read it again. This is a trick to help you look at your own work with “other” eyes.

Make corrections if necessary, and again allow the essay to sit for one day before you read it again. This is how you will achieve the perfect piece of writing.

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