Is class size a real educational issue?

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Education is still to be improved and in order to do this we need to be open minded and address contemporary issues like sex education, dress code, teacher-student relationships and many more. But today we will discuss about another important aspect – class size. Does class size matter when it comes to teaching?

Class Size

The most common argument is that a smaller class is better for students, because they can all benefit from individual attention. And this is completely true. But then we come to another problem: Is every teacher really paying attention to every student in his/her class? And is he/she really offering individual support? Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is “No”.

Small classes mean that more teachers will have jobs and also that these teachers will work less than for a normal sized class. But the effectiveness of a teacher depends more on something else than the class size. With the right skills, one can teach a class of 200 students and even more. All it takes is great organizational skills, positive energy, vast knowledge and a huge passion for teaching.

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SuperCamp is a summer camp where students are exposed to accelerated learning. Here, they are helped to learn faster, easier and less stressful. The curriculum includes academic activities as well as life skills. During this camp, students become more sociable, they develop their communication skills and they learn how to deal with different life situations.

Here, teachers work both with small and big classes. They teach on a stage for a large number of students, and then, with another occasion, they work with a small class. Both methods have their benefits as students and teachers go through different experiences.

SuperCamp includes a lot of informal teaching activities such as problem solving and creative thinking, outdoor adventures and goal setting.

Once they return to school, students are able to approach and solve their educational problems in new and effective ways.

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Year-Round Schooling

Year-Round Schooling was created in the hope that students with poor results will learn better through the summer and they will absorb all the necessary information to graduate their class. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. Human organism needs rest from any kind of activity, especially from the mental one. We cannot learn on and on without a break. Eventually, we will cave in. But if we rest for a while, we are able to come back to work full with energy and ready for some more effort.

Year-round schooling does not give students the opportunity to rest their minds and to gain strengths for a new school year. Also, the student who hasn’t learnt anything until now, will definitely not become a brilliant student during summer, when he/she knows that this was supposed to be vacation time.

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