The ability of reading is vital


Because I am a secondary English teacher, I have been looking for jobs all over the country. In this way, I have found opportunities for teaching reading to students in middle school and also in high school. You may be thinking – high school? How it is possible that a high school student does not know how to read? Well, believe it or not, it’s happening. There are American high school students who still cannot read, not even a short essay. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the American education system. Maybe students who cannot read must be kept in certain grade levels until they learn how to do this.

The only ones to have an excuse in this matter are the immigrants. They didn’t grow up learning English, so they need individual classes for reading. But Americans cannot go about without knowing how to read, especially when we live in an informational era and written words are everywhere.

Even if America’s literacy rate is 99%, we are still behind countries less developed than ours. America is ranked 22, while the first three countries are Andorra, Finland and Greenland.

Learn How to Read

If you happen to know someone who cannot read (someone who SHOULD know this), then help him/her to learn how to read. Take him/her to a book store and buy these things:
• Elementary phonic books
• Flashcards with short sentences
• Cassette disks with pronunciation

Also, order a paper from a top essays writing service and use it for exercising.

At first, this person may feel embarrassed and he/she may not accept your help. But don’t give up; try to explain that it is better to learn with a friend than in front of a classroom with all eyes staring at you.

Teach Your Child how to Read

Parents should teach their children how to read before submitting them to school. First, teach them the alphabet and the sounds. Then, teach them the groups of letters that form sounds different than the ones of the original sounds of the letters (for example, ph = f or igh = long i). Then give them examples of words where letters must be read different than the original. And so on.

You can also buy a simple text from the best essays service and use it as teaching material.

If you are not a native English speaker, you should get a tutor for your children.

The Hondurans have a unique program of learning how to read. Children sit in front of a dog (who is always controlled by its trainer) and just read. The dog cannot criticize them, but it can only listen. And the children keep practicing. After the reading, they find great satisfaction in the possibility of playing with the dog.

Teach Others how to Read

Other instruments that help people read are:
• Newspapers
• Short stories
• Poems

Choose texts with big letters and short plots.

Help anyone you know that needs to learn how to read. Ask a top essay service to write a paper on an interesting subject for that person.

He/she will be forever grateful to you for opening up a new world for him/her.

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