Top 10 Best Places to Live for Students

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Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine the perfect destination where you would like to spend your years as a student. When you have so many options, it’s difficult to choose the perfect one. Maybe the following top list of 10 great places for students will give you a clue.

1. Aix-en-Provence, South France

This one is a classic. Aix-en-Provence is known as a university town with great history and tradition. This European educational center has many research institutes, which make it a great choice for students with high ambitions. The region is calm and picturesque, so you’ll be able to focus on your studies without being distracted by noise.

2. Auckland, New Zealand

How about combining high-quality studies with an adventure of a lifetime? In Auckland, you’ll never be out of ideas for new adventures. You can climb a volcano, enjoy different cultural events, and have access to plenty of learning resources at the same time.

3. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is a charming city full of life. However, it’s also a huge center of law, business, economy, arts, and industry. Let’s look at the practical side of things: your chances of obtaining a job in Belfast right after graduation will be high.

4. Tokyo, Japan

If you’re not Japanese, you’ll feel like a total stranger throughout your studies in Tokyo. That’s a good thing, since you’ll always have new things to explore. This is not the type of educational system where your professor would demand an essay on pointless topics; it’s based on obtaining practical knowledge and skills.

5. Seoul, South Korea

There is a strange thing about this country: it enables you to grow and see life from different perspectives. Seoul is the home of several prestigious universities, which give you strong chances of getting employed after graduation.

6. Bath, England

When you think of England as an educational attraction, Bath is not the first association that comes to mind. However, this city offers everything a student could possibly need: calm, inspirational environment and top-quality education at a university that’s constantly being ranked among the top achievers for student satisfaction.

7. Paris, France

This city has been the home of great art, literature, and education. There are lots of universities to choose from, so you’ll surely find something to suit your preferences. The students in Paris get more than education; they live the culture of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

8. Boston, US

In Boston, you’ll be a student in the true meaning of the world. The top-ranked university offers modern education, but you’ll still develop several skills that will prepare you for the real world. Don’t worry; you will have plenty of time to get a sense of Boston spirit. You’ll probably need to use an essay writing service more often than expected.

9. Vienna, Austria

This city lives and breathes through art. The University of Economics and Business constantly achieves top positions in world rankings. Sigmund Freud is a notable alumnus of the University of Vienna, so that should convince you to choose Vienna as your destination if psychology is your main interest.

10. Toronto, Canada

Education is really important to Canadians: every student strives to write the best essay and achieve good results on exams. Toronto is an environment that will put you in front of great challenges. That can only be a good thing, since you’ll leave this educational system as a complete person ready to face the real world.

If your options are open and you have a chance to go anywhere in the world to pursue a degree, then you shouldn’t be afraid to be adventurous. The perfect cities for students offer not only education, but a chance to explore a different culture and expand their intellectual capacity. Do you see yourself in a particular destination that would offer everything you could possibly need as a student? Be open-minded and do everything in your power to get a spot in that university!

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