Top Easiest and Hardest College Degree Majors

Before listing the easiest and hardest college degree majors, we have to set something straight – there’s no such thing as an extremely simple academic field. No matter what domain you choose, a certain amount of effort and dedication is involved. So prepare to become a serious adult with a responsible attitude.

Below, we have mentioned 10 easy college degree majors and 10 difficult ones. However, the complexity of each major depends on some important factors: the candidate’s personal skills, passions and talents, amount of student debt you must pay off after graduation and so on.

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Top easiest college degree majors


This academic field includes subjects like foreign languages, literature and writing. It is perfect for those who have nothing in common with numbers or formulas. In here, students just have to read, practice one or more foreign languages and complete written assignments.

Most courses ask for papers at the end of the semester. However, exams are not that complex, either – students are told exactly what they have to learn. Most exam topics require more creative and critical thinking and less cramping.


A college degree in education supposes two majors – a certain academic subject (like English, a foreign language, etc.) and teaching courses. It is quite easy to attend the program because the curriculum is split into two parts and does not require intensive studying on either of these parts. Additionally, candidates have the opportunity to practice their teaching skills in real life classes. We are not saying that this mission is effortless, but it is more pleasant to transmit some information to others, than to work with formulas and statistics.


This college major degree is great for everyone who likes people and social events. It involves learning about social structure, behaviors, population dynamics and so on. It is not rocket-science and students are familiar with these issues from real life situations. As a result, attending the program may be really easy.

However, you must be ready to use some math and put down some statistics, from time to time. After all, someone must keep a record of people’s demographics.


Here’s one thing everybody does every single day – they talk and transmit information. These academic programs study communication channels, non-verbal and verbal habits. The field is attractive, too, because it allows students to work in areas like media and television.

Obtaining a communication college degree involves being bold, sociable, talkative and friendly. As you see, there’s all about attitude and nothing about learning by heart tons of information!


History is great for those who don’t want to work hard in order to bring innovation into their studies. All things are already done and impossible to change. What is left now is for everybody to learn the past (and from the past).

While papers are easy to complete even without help of essay services, because historians have covered every possible event, you must take into consideration that this program is based on memorizing lots of data.

Information Science

This major covers a very broad range of topics concerning technology and information systems, and graduates that get this degree can work in tech support, information security and similar job positions. It has also been proven to be the easiest major to achieve, as students have a lot of free time on their hands to enjoy leisure activities outside of classes.

Art Degree

For all those who are creative, and like to dig deep into their imagination and explore new territories, unleashing their inner power, an art degree is a perfect choice. Because there are no scientific projects, term papers, hard homework, long essays an art degree is considered among the easiest one’s to get, that is, if you are the creative genius who loves all arts in general.


There’s no doubt that becoming a doctor is one of the hardest journeys, academically speaking. However, if you want to be a little less directly in the healthcare industry, you can go for the bachelor’s degree, and work in human resources and hospital operations. This major is quite easy, especially when compared to getting your Master’s or PhD.


Not only is it one of the easiest majors, but it’s one of the most fun majors indeed! There are various career choices after you acquire this degree, such as negotiators, school counselors, DJs or even TV presenters. Studying verbal and non-verbal communication, and doing a lot of practical work instead of just theoretical is what makes this degree easier than most degrees.


Although it doesn’t seem like it could fit into this category, it actually does. This is the study of diversity of human cultures. If you find cultural traditions and phenomena fascinating and exciting, this degree is the perfect opportunity for you. Another great benefit is, that it’s actually one of the easiest degrees to finish, as there is not a lot of complex scientific work done during academic years, and after you get your degree, you can actually apply to many different job positions in fields such as education, forensics, writing and social work.

Top hardest college degree majors


All engineering areas are difficult. They include hard work, formulas, calculus, and designing. Additionally, engineers bear high responsibility for their projects and must know how to coordinate workers. Therefore, there’s nothing easy about this field.

Engineering combines various other difficult subjects like math, geometry, physics, and so on.

Business and management

Almost every day, employers think about the perks of being a boss. And even more, they believe that managers don’t work hard at all. But this is false – business degrees are not easy to obtain and candidates have to struggle for years in order to graduate. Not to mention the risks managers have to take daily and the stress they are exposed to.

This domain involves lots of other subjects – finance, management, HR, entrepreneurial skills and so on.

Life sciences

This college major covers many areas which students have to choose from – anatomy, genetics, biology, zoology and so on. They are all complex and difficult, and involve memorizing a great amount of data. Then, students must be prepared to face real life situations or emergencies – saving one’s life or curing a disease.

Physical sciences

Physics, chemistry and geology are scary only by their names! Candidates must be prepared to cram for passing the exams in here. There is no room for interpretations or personal opinions; tests have only one right answer and you have to learn hard in order to know it!


This domain is both difficult and time-consuming. It involves physics, math and designing. Professors ask for projects which may take even months to complete. Also, architects need creativity and imagination for coming up with innovative solutions. Then, students must be handy and patient in order to build models and plans.

Social/Behavioral Sciences

This degree is in this category not only because of the challenges during the academic education and the commitment necessary to finish it, like with all other degrees. It’s in the high drop-put rates and the inability to find jobs after you actually acquire this degree. This is why most students don’t opt for this major, no matter how passionate they are about it.


Yes, this degree might not seem to fit this list, but it’s actually one of the hardest ones. Why? Because you have to dedicate your entire life to your studies, and completely immerse yourself in this new world. After getting this degree, most students are likely to become priests. Given the line of work most students end up being in, you can see how this degree can be one of the most challenging ones to get.

Biological Sciences

An average student prepares for his classes at least 17 hours per week, which is why we fit in this degree into this category. You really need to get into depth of each topic, and there’s basically no slowing down if you really want to understand and become a professional in this field. There are plenty of experiments and scientific projects to work on, which in addition makes degree more comprehensive than others.

Health Professions

Although we already spoke of the easiest degree majors, this time we’re taking the step further and really getting in-depth of the health industry. We’re not talking about human resources, but rather actually getting that PhD and working in the hospital as surgeon, a nurse or whatever you’d like to do. The subject is comprehensive, and it’s one of those degrees that requires a lot of practical and theoretical work.


Not only does it require extensive knowledge of math, you also need to stay abreast of the constantly changing trends in the world, and be adaptable to it at all times. And although it might be one of the most difficult degrees to get due to the complexity of subjects, it can be one of the most fruitful ones as it boasts the highest starting salaries than all of the other degrees.

In conclusion, the easiest college degree majors are those based on creativity and freedom of expression; and the hardest ones are based on memorizing, high responsibilities and exact data. However, you must keep two things in mind: what is easy or not depends on personal innate skills and talents, and the most difficult degrees bring in the highest salaries!

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