Top 20 Online Courses for College Students

Online courses for college students
Online education is more and more popular. If you think about it, this is an amazing opportunity to attend courses from famous universities without even leaving your living room. So either you want to extend your academic experience, or you need some extra credits, here are top 20 online programs for students.

1. An Introduction to Marketing, from The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
This online course can be found on Coursera educational platform. It is great for college students who must quickly gain essential knowledge on this subject. The course is structured on several modules and it contains videos, quizzes and of course, some topics students must work on.

2. Introduction to Finance, from University of Michigan
A course also posted on Coursera platform, perfect for Finance College students. The subject is not that accessible, so a course explaining the basic principles is greatly appreciated by everyone. The videos contain subtitles in four different languages, so it is really popular among academic students. Furthermore, those who successfully graduate receive a certificate signed by the instructor.

3. Social Psychology, from Wesleyan University
This is one of the most popular courses on Coursera. Psychology students use it to extend their education, as well as to bring their knowledge into the contemporary world. The course deals with several hot topics like group behavior and functioning, the process of taking decisions, social issues and so on.

4. English composition and writing, on
Essay writing has never been easy, so more and more students want to discover the secrets of a good paper. The courses include tutoring, essay help and discussion hours. Moreover, the website guarantees the possibility of credit transfer.

5. Introduction to Programming in C++, on
This course is over solicited due to its subject, of course. Programming is nowadays a worth studying domain – the salaries are just amazing! The course is self-paced, so students can attend whenever they have time. It values four credits – an essential academic reward.

6. Business statistic, on
This course is assisted by a professor from University of Colorado. It includes tutoring, proctoring, videos and exam study guides. Due to all these factors, it is highly appreciated by students in the field. It also contains three transferable credits.

7. Mathematics for computer science, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This is the most wanted online course from MIT. It contains video lectures, exams and solutions, and assignments. Some of the studied topics include formal logic notation, integer congruences, elementary graph theory, etc.

8. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, from MIT
The course offers various materials like video lectures, online textbooks, exams and solutions, translation in several languages and assignments. The topics are just extra useful and modern – virus population dynamics, words games, optimizing routes and more.

9. Liner algebra, from MIT
This complex academic subject is one of the most wanted courses on MIT online platform. It offers basic info on matrix theory and linear algebra. The best aspect is that the syllabus includes topics useful in other related disciplines too.

10. English composition I, from Duke University
Students can improve their essay writing online with the help of this course. It is structured on four units, each having a different topic: critical review, explicating a visual image, case study, and writing an Op-Ed.

11. Think Again: How to Reason and Argue, from Duke University
The course can be found on Coursera and it is amazingly popular among students. The information is structured on four parts: how to analyze arguments, how to evaluate deductive arguments, how to evaluate inductive arguments and how to mess up arguments.

12. Foundations of Computer Graphics, from Berkeley University of California
The course can be found on online educational platform and consists in four segments: overview and basic math, transformations, OpenGL and lighting, and ray tracing. The staff also offers skeleton codes for all major operating systems.

13. Financial analysis and decision making, from Tsinghua University
This is a hot topic nowadays and students from all around the world love the possibility of learning from the best in the field. On this course available on, students will learn how to always think in financial terms.

14. Science and cooking, from Harvard
The course is available on platform. Famous chefs reveal the secrets of their most famous culinary creations. Also, they show that science has an essential rule in cooking too.

15. Justice, from Harvard
This is one of top wanted online courses on Harvard platform. Controversial topics discussed include affirmative action, income distribution, same-sex marriage, the role of markets, etc.

16. Principles of Biochemistry, from Harvard
This course is top rated among medicine students. It starts lightly with basic notions about molecules and it ends up talking about complex structures and metabolism.

17. American studies, from Yale
The course is available on Open Yale platform, where there are lots of online programs for students. The syllabus consists in studying texts by Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Faulkner.

18. Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, from Yale
The course deals with a contemporaneous issue: the global problems of population growth. Students can virtually attend the class recorded directly from the university and they can also download the studying materials.

19. Microfinance: how it helps the poor, and how it doesn’t, from Cambridge
This is a five week course available on Oxford’s platform for continuing education. It covers many essential aspects like the origins of microfinance and its purpose today, and a debate about whether or not this is a plot for impoverish the poor ones even more.

20. Creative writing: an introduction to short story writing, from Cambridge
Essay writing online is in great demand, so students appreciate this course too. It lasts like five weeks and it consists in guidance for short story writing. The professor is willing to share tips on literary effects and other techniques.

In conclusion, online education is a resourceful solution for students who want to gain extra credits or to benefit from professional help in their academic field. This is the best way technology and internet has ever been used and it would be a shame not to take advantage of these courses. Choose the ones that suit you best and learn new things everyday!

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