Top 20 Online Tools for Students

Being a good student is more and more difficult these days when professors have such high expectations. Fortunately, the internet is not here just for fun, but it also provides helpful educational tools. Take a look at the list below and bookmark the online tools for students that will get you through college.

1. Basecamp
This tool is all about staying organized. It allows users to work on several projects at the same time and also to share documents. Multiple persons can have access to essay writing online and collaborate as to complete it together.

2. Evernote
This tool is for organizing too. It is available on multiples devices (phone and computer) and allows you to take notes in different ways – audio, photos, and text. They all synchronize automatically on all devices.

3. Diigo
This tool allows users to store links to reading materials, to share information and to improve their study sessions. You can highlight fragments of texts on the web, or even stick notes.

4. Delicios
During research, students gather a large amount of web pages. This tool helps you store all links together under one single tag. Additionally, each web page saved appears with its title, introduction and picture. This way, users will never get lost again among dozens of resources.

5. Mindmeister
Thoughts are the hardest to organize, especially when your mind is full of ideas. This tool allows users to create mind maps and to share them with colleagues. This is the best way of coming up with impressive project topics for college.

6. Google Docs
This tool is now more popular than Microsoft Word, due to its two great features – it is completely free and one can access his documents from anywhere. It is an amazing solution for dreamy students who always forget to get their projects on a portable storing device. Not to mention that in this way, users can work on their documents from any computer and place. It’s very useful when you write an essay and you want to share it for proofreading with your professor or friend.

7. EtherPad
Having a team project and no place to gather together? No worries, this tool allows users to work on essay writing online – and this means that everybody can see what one is typing in real time! Now all you need is a chatting tool and it will be the same as if you were all in one place.

8. ClearSlide
It comes a time in college when students must create a presentation. If you want a high grade, this one should be flawless. The right tool for the task is ClearSlide. Originally, it has been created for businesses, so you can imagine its effects – if these slides can seal deals, then they for sure can impress professors.

9. Zotero
The bibliography has always been the most difficult part of a paper, along with inside the text quotations. This tool automatically generates a quotation’s source, depending on the style chosen by the user. It is available in over 30 languages, so any student around the globe can use it.

10. CiteMe
It is high time to use Facebook for something else than crazy chatting. This tool is available for anyone and allows users to search books by title, author, subject, or ISBN. Then, it creates citations in different styles. In this way, essay writing is now easier.

11. Encyclopaedia Britannica
Students always need more and more information on different subjects. This is a trustful source that you can cite without annoying professors. It includes a dictionary, quizzes and a huge amount of articles, biographies, videos, images, and Web sites.

12. Smore
Ever needed attractive project covers or eye-catching posters for college events? This tool is really easy to use and one can create an image in just a few minutes. Students can employ it for multiple purposes and share the results on different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

13. Polldaddy
Case studies can now be extremely interesting. Students don’t need to rely on others’ researches, they can conduct personal ones. Use this tool to create polls and distribute them among your colleagues. Collect the results and put together a contemporaneous case study.

A college student must have an elevated vocabulary. Use this tool to quickly learn new words and terms in an attractive manner. The website provides quizzes containing words used in particular contexts. Additionally, students can enter the words they want to learn and the tool creates customized quizzes!

15. Spreeder
Do you wish to be capable of reading studying materials faster and faster? Then start training today! This tool is especially created to help students read with a higher speed. Users can introduce any text they want and start the training. The text will flow by one word at a time, at the speed set by you.

16. ThingLink
This is an amazing tool that allows users to add audio or video materials, links or images to an image. This will boost any boring project and it will transform it into the most impressive piece of academic work. Professors and colleagues will for sure be captivated.

Whenever you need to create an info graphic, use this tool. It is really easy to work with and the results are excellent. Users can complete all sorts of materials that involve schemes – there are dozens of appealing templates available.

18. Rescue Time
Remember when mum used to keep track of your activities and point out that you are not studying enough? Maybe her habit was annoying, but it was useful indeed! As a student, you can use a tool that works the same way – it registers your every online move and then comes up with statistics. In this way, users know on what websites they spend most time and if they are productive enough.

19. Soshiku
With so many courses to attend too, students are likely to forget about some assignments and their deadlines. This tool is here to help you stay focused – it includes a calendar where one can introduce essay writing, exams, and presentations dates.

20. CampusBookRentals
This tool helps students save money by renting textbooks. The shipping is free both ways, so there are no additional taxes for the service.

In conclusion, use these online tools for students to boost your academic experience and always impress professors. Internet is here not only for providing entertainment, but also for enriching our knowledge. Take advantage of it wisely!

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