Top Paying Majors of 2016

the-highest-paying-majors-by topreviewstars.comTo get a high paying job you need an advanced set of skills. By getting a top degree you can get one of the top paying jobs. There are several lists of top paying majors online that all differ a little. Looking at a few sources we will compare their findings of the top paying majors in 2016.

According to a list on the top paying major in the USA is medical sciences. This is according to statistics from a report from that the job recruiting website Glassdoor,which compiled data shared by the website’s users. Using this data, they were able to determine each field’s median base pay. The list also shows the amount of job openings advertised for the top paying jobs so you can get an idea of how many potions will be available to you after you have graduated. Below is a summary of the list of hightest paying job featured on The Time.

1. Physician
Physicians earn a median base salary of $180,000 in the USA. This career always has a high demand for new employees with job 2,064 available on

2. Lawyer
Lawyers earn the second most with a median base salary of $144,500, a little less than physicians. There are a lot less job opportunities in this field with only 995 of job openings, almost a third of the jobs available to physicians.

3. Research and Development Manager
Studying Research and Development is also a good major to do. If you become a Research and Development Manager you can earn the third highest pay in the USA. According to the date collected by Glassdoor the median base salary for this career is $142,120 and had 112 job openings.

4. Software Development Manager
Software development manager is also one of the top paying careers. Studying computer science opens many high paying job opportunities. The highest paying position would be as software development manager with a median pay of$132,000. A career as a computer developer is also a good career choice. The software industry also has a high rate of new employee openings. According to thereport there were 3,495 job openings for software developer manger alone.

5. Pharmacy Manager
Another career in the medical field that has atop paying salary is in the pharmaceutical industry. A pharmacy manger can earn an average of $130,000 and also has a high amount of job openings with 1,766 positions advertised on Glassdoor.

According to another website, College Choice, the top paying careers will always be in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Their list of top paying careers look a lot different than the one above. Here is a brief summary of their list of the top paying majors and the median salary they earn.

1. Petroleum Engineering
According to the top paying major according to median salary is petroleum engineering. With an average salary of $102,300 to $176,300 petroleum engineers locate natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits.

2. Actuarial Mathematics
This major comes in second on the list with an average salary of $60,800 to $119,600. An actuary uses their knowledge of statistics and other theory to analyse the financial consequences of risk for big companies.

3-9. Engineering
Positions 3-9 on the list are all in the field of engineering. They appear on the list in the following order Nuclear Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Material Science Engineering.

10. Physics
Physics also appears on the top then list of highest paying majors with an average salary of $57,200 to $105,100.

For the complete list read the article on College Choice.

To get even more insight into the top paying list we also looked at a third ranking website called Payscale. This list looks similar to the one on College Choice with Petroleum Engineering coming in first as the top paying major. Second on the list is Nuclear Engineering and third on the list is Actuarial Mathematics. Chemical Engineering comes in fourth place and Electrical and Communication Engineering fifth. See their detailed list with average salaries.

Although the lists do differ and correspond in many ways you can get a good indication of which majors will get you the top earning careers.

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